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Invest Where You Drive // Palm Springs Private Residence Club

Palm Springs has evolved. While it’s still a hub for golf, mid century architecture, and glam weekend escapes from LA, a high-performance auto community has taken up residence in Thermal. There are 2 established racing clubs, with a third in the planning phase. Laurian Club is looking at both the Thermal Club and Thermal Beach Club (partnered with the BMW Performance Center) as options for our Palm Springs Private Residence Club. If you’re in town, try to get an invite to The Vault at Bighorn- there are some gems stored there. 

The Thermal Club 

The Thermal Club is an exclusive country club with a community that revolves around its three racing tracks. The houses are trackside villas with 16 car garages, a tower that stands at the center of the track gives the best view of the racing action and the club also has two five-star restaurants. Thermal Club was established six years ago and its owners aimed to open a club centered around the racing community. Today the club gives the Palm Springs a whole new vibe and also opens up gates to new possibilities. 

BMW Performance Center

BMW driving school was established back in 2015. Palm Springs Area Destination is unlike any other, with its new building, experienced instructors and a large stretch of track it brings the Palm Springs driving community a treat to remember. The black lake wet track is a multi-configuration course with hairpin turns, high-speed straights and a 300’ polished concrete skidpad. The driving school offers multiple 1 to 2 day training sessions with a chance to drive their M variants as well. 

The Vault at Bighorn

To get your way into this hyper exclusive garage you’ll either need to be a part of Bighorn Golf Club or know a contact who knows a contact to see if you’re lucky enough to get into The Vault at Bighorn. It is an exclusive members only garage which also provides the benefit of being a showroom full of exotics. Here you will find everything from One-Of Ferrari’s to limited production classics and exotics. Grab a drink while your eyes glisten seeing the remarkable sight of a motor heaven gated in a 24,000-square-foot utopia. 

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