Invest where you make // atlanta

Invest Where You Make // Atlanta

In its simplest explanation, the Maker Movement is a shift towards creativity, innovation, and production and away from pure consumerism. Participants in the movement, or “Makers”, are finding access to tools, technology, and materials that were previously attainable only through large capital outlays or commercial manufacturing facilities through connecting with makerspaces and creative studios. Others are simply discovering the unique joy and pleasure of learning a new skill and creating something from scratch with a group of like-minded individuals. 

Atlanta has a large population of Makers, in part due to the city’s high concentration of engineering and tech students. The ecosystem includes makerspaces, mentorship, events, and studio opportunities for everyone from kids to retirees to learn, make, and create.

MASS Collective 

Founded in 2009, MASS Collective is a Non-Profit organization that provides affordable access to tools, technologies and teachers in a variety of disciplines. Mass Collective provides hands-on experience in manufacturing and prototyping through an apprenticeship program. They also provide an educational program where experts share their experience, craft and knowledge, adding to this a membership program where the members are provided with access to the tools, knowledge and training to improve their craft.

Atlanta Printmakers Studio

Located in the historic West End neighborhood just a few minutes away from downtown Atlanta, Georgia, Atlanta Printmakers Studio runs as a non-profit community printmaking studio. Founded in 2005 with the purpose of promoting the fine art of printmaking, the studio since then has offered access to well-equipped and diverse educational programs that bring to life the development of printmaking as a vibrant and progressive art form. Each year Atlanta Printmakers Studio provides the community with new classes, workshops, residencies, internships and exhibitions. 

Maker Faire Atlanta

Maker Faire was initially founded in 2006 by Make Magazine. Maker Faire Atlanta started as a Mini-Maker Faire in 2011 at Georgia Tech. In 2012 Kimberly Varney led a team that grew the mini faire into a full-fledged Maker Faire hosting over 200 vendors and 20,000 attendees. The faire now takes place at Georgia State Stadium, formally Turner Field. It is a venue where like-minded people ranging from engineers to artists to scientists to crafters show hobbies, experiments, projects.

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