Invest where you make // austin

Invest Where You Make // Austin

When visiting Austin, you’re not only guaranteed great music, good food and Southern hospitality — you’ll also have access to some of the most innovative and creative makerspaces in the country. 

The Maker Movement taps into a combination of qualities that are distinctly American – creativity, ingenuity, resourcefulness, self-reliance and entrepreneurship. Over the past 10 years, makers have been finding ways to organize themselves in order to make better use of tools, share knowledge and build community. And as with everything in Austin, the Maker community here is a little more …creative… than your average hacker.


At this bar-meets-shop-class, guests can choose from an extensive project menu, giving you the chance to try your hand at woodworking, making homemade leather goods or jewelry and other D.I.Y. art and design projects while enjoying craft cocktails, beer and wine. Upstairs Circus provides it’s patrons with the time, supplies, tutorials and assistance needed to make something amazing.


After years of storing craft supplies under her bed and making last minute trips to the art store for a pinch of some specific shade of green glitter, Eli Winkelman realized what Austin needed: a place where anyone, from crafting hoarders to rookies, could make a mess and create. “Why not make a lovely space,” she thought, “like a gym, but for making stuff. Instead of treadmills, we’ll have paint, glue guns, googly eyes and wood scraps. People can show up and work on any project they want. It will be Austin’s craft room.” Since opening in 2013, Craft has become Austin’s creative hub for DIY crafting, workshops and events. How does it work? Show up, grab a bin and stock it with supplies and get crafting. Or attend one of their monthly workshops or themed classes.


ASMBLY originated from the creation of ATX hackerspace in 2010 when four makers got together to build a community workshop. ATX and ASMBLY combined forces in April 2021 to create the biggest Non-Profit maker space in Austin. ASMBLY aspires to provide Austin with the best tools, workplace, and guidance, so the community can strive. Classes are already taking place for woodworking and advanced welding, laser cutting, 3D printing, etc.

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