Invest where you make // Los Angeles

Invest Where You Make // Los Angeles

In such a rich concentration of creativity, it’s no surprise that Hollywood has been a Makers’ hub for over 50 years. As one might expect, there are set builders and clothing designers and professional makers who support the film industry, but there’s also a huge community of crafters, shapers, and engineers who make up LA’s Maker community.

Makeplus Community

Makeplus Community is a creative hub that was built with the aim of providing affordable space, tools, and opportunities to a range of makers. The space is divided into two main channels: Makeplus Community and Makeplus Fabrication. Makeplus offers multiple programs to support projects ranging from starter DIY’s to professionals. The team is made up of professionals with some having over a decade of experience in this space, available to assist and help you discover your true potential. 

Makers Mess

Makers Mess Makers Mess is an art studio and creative agency downtown, offering art and design classes for companies, adults, and children. In addition to their in-studio and virtual workshops, they take signature art classes & crafting experiences to events, parties, film shoots, ad campaigns, kids camps, and anything that needs some curated creativity. Makers Mess was founded in 2015 with the vision of providing opportunities for people to practice creativity and join a community of like-minded people. Their motto: Meet People. Make Things.

HexLab Makerspace

Founded in 2013, HexLab Makerspace is a privately owned community workshop in Los Angeles, California. They are providing access and opportunity to learn new crafts and use specialized tools. Along with classes for monthly membership holders, they provide access to 3-D printing, laser cutting and CNC machines, woodworking and welding.

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