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Invest Where You Surf // Los Angeles

“Surfing USA” was born in California and is alive and well in LA. From Manhattan Beach to Point Dume, there’s a break and a scene for every surfer. From Laurian Club’s Santa Monica residence, it’s an easy (and beautiful) drive up or down PCH to find the perfect wave. Most will want to try their hand at Malibu, but if you’re looking for something more quiet and less crowded, head south.

Santa Monica

Santa Monica Pier is well known for its Ferris wheel and Pacific Park but it is also well known as a surfing spot. Head just to the south of the pier for the best breaks.

  • Santa Monica Pier: The waves don’t get that big, it’s a great option for beginners.
  • Santa Monica Beach / Venice: The waves are frequent and easily accessible.
  • Bay Street: This is another great spot for beginners and a good place to find a surf lesson.

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Malibu is made up of a 30-mile stretch of prime California surf coast north of Los Angeles. The shoreline shifts west below the Santa Ynez Mountains, changing from point to beach break as it goes. The good thing is you can surf all year round. Surf culture around Malibu is a little different here- you’ll share lineup with celebrity A-listers and wannabes as well as old salty dogs who rule the breaks. There are  waves for every level if you don’t mind the traffic. There are loads of rippable spots that have open shoulders and forgiving sand and pebble bottoms as well as easy rollers for softies and longboards.

You can check out for the surf report and for lessons and rentals.

Manhattan Beach

The best surfing experience is a mix of combo swells and defined sandbars. South Bay /  Manhattan beach has a south summer swell and a good consistent interval. Marine Street is considered one of the best spots; the beach breaks  here are usually walled with some better-shaped waves near the Pier.

You Check out   for the surf report and for lessons.

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