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Invest Where You Surf // San Francisco

NorCal surfers are a different breed. Cold water, wetsuits, and dangerous surf draw serious watermen to the rugged coastline. Fortunately, one doesn’t have to go far to get a good wave. Laurian Club San Francisco members could get shacked at Fort Point on their lunch break and back to work within an hour. If you have a little more time, there are several distinct breaks within a quick drive.

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach has a rich history as a testing ground for intermediate, advanced, and professional surfers in the region. It runs along the western edge of San Francisco from the Cliff House and Sutro Bath in the north to the San Francisco Zoo in the south, and is regarded as one of the finest beach breaks in Northern California. It delivers powerful swells which can prove to be challenging for the best surfers, as well as mellow days where a beginner could feel comfortable on a softie.

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Bolinas / Stinson Beach

Located An hour and fifteen minutes north of San Francisco, Bolinas is well-known for its gentle surf, making it an ideal destination for beginners. There are two sections on the beach, “The Patch” is known for its slow and mellow rides, otherwise you can go to “The Channel” where the lagoon meets the ocean. 

Stinson beach is a neighbor to Bolinas and holds one of the most popular surf spots near San Francisco. There’s room for beginners, intermediates, and professionals near the lifeguard stand. Even though closeouts are common the sandbars form legendary swells in certain sections. 

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Half Moon Bay

20 miles south of San Francisco,  California’s biggest wave, “Mavericks’ at Half Moon Bay area lures surfers from around the globe. Jeff Clark, Vince Collier, Pete Mel, and Jay Moriarty are some of the legends who have mastered this mega wave that breaks off Pillar Point. Between October and April, keep your eye on the surf report. When the swell comes, big names from around the world drop everything to catch a flight out. You can rent a charter to get up close and personal to watch everyone from Ian Walsh, Billy Kemper, Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker try for the best wave and an entry in the WSL Big Wave Awards.

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