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Luxury Travel Trends 2021

While we realize that travel expectations are fluid these days, we’ve tried to incorporate the most current needs of Investors, Members, and luxury travelers with Laurian Club. We’re planning travel experiences that are luxurious, safe, and inspiring. In order to develop Laurian Club’s 2021 travel strategy, we focused on the top trends in the luxury travel market:

  • Health and safety standards are at the forefront of travel concerns
    • Cleaning is a priority: Guests want to know that their accommodations have been meticulously cleaned and disinfected to the highest standards.
    • Touch-free: Travelers prefer limited interaction upon check-in and departure, pre-stocked groceries and amenities, and doorstep deliveries.
    • Responsible Parties: Travelers look for accommodations that adhere to Covid safety standards. 


  • Modern luxury means amenities, service, and experience
    • Luxury amenities: High-end designer furnishings, high tech audio visual systems, and smart home features are highly sought-after.
    • Luxury hotel experience at home: Butlers, Private Chefs, and a personal Concierge are some of the most requested services.
    • Connected experience: Luxury travelers want to be in vibrant, relevant cities where they can participate in arts and culture and engage with local community influencers. 


  • Exponential growth in private accommodations over hotels
    • Opportunities for extended stays: Work from home = work from anywhere allowing people to stay at a vacation destination for weeks at a time.
    • Social Distancing: Smaller environments are preferred, with exposure to limited guests and private amenities.
    • Smaller towns and rural areas: From campgrounds to country cottages, travelers are venturing out of the areas usually serviced by hotels.


  • Work, wellness, and adventure top the list of travel motivations
    • Work-related travel: As more have moved to out of urban cores and offices have closed, attending an in-person client meeting or supervising and hands-on projects often require short trips back into the city.
    • Wellness getaways: Outdoor activities become the rejuvenation of choice. Hiking, skiing, camping, and remote getaways replace spa days and gym memberships. 
    • Nature excursions: People are getting out into the wild blue yonder. Hiking, climbing, biking, surfing, and other outdoor activities are safe, fun diversions.

We’re hoping the year brings a resurgence in travel and opportunities to revisit places we miss and seek out new adventures. See you out there friends!


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