The Laurian Company

The Laurian Company is a boutique real estate development company focusing its efforts on private hospitality development and luxury residential syndication.

Real Estate


Using the strategies deployed for its high-profile, high-net-worth clients in the past, The Laurian Company is creating opportunities to build wealth through syndicated investment real estate.

The Laurian Team identifies properties, analyzes the deal, facilitates the purchase, and delivers a turnkey luxury residence for co-ownership investors.

Private Hospitality


Whether you’re establishing a corporate retreat, a legacy property, or a short-term rental, our team can guide you through the process from  property acquisition and permitting,  to interior design, property management and guest services.

If you’re looking for a hands-off experience, we can manage the whole project.

Luxury Estate


The Laurian Team has been managing high-value real estate portfolios for some of the world’s most influential, high-net-worth individuals for over two decades via our sister company, Celebrity Estate Management.

We offer our experience and resources to owners of luxury properties over 15,000 square feet.