Laurian Club

Experience-driven real estate investment

Laurian Club

Experience-driven real estate investment

Pursue your passions while you build your portfolio.  Laurian Club offers a unique opportunity to co-own a portfolio of high-value, revenue-generating luxury homes in top-tier cities and resort destinations with none of the work, at a fraction of the cost.



Bills are paid, maintenance handled, and repairs made quickly. Everything’s covered with a flat annual operations fee.

We even keep the residences stocked with luxury amenities and everyday staples so they’re guest-ready without any effort from Members.



Members receive credits they can use like cash to book stays at LC properties. Stay a few days or a few weeks- it’s up to you.

If you prefer to use your corporate travel allowance, or you’ve used your credits,  Members can rent a property using our priority booking system.



Diversify your portfolio,  hedge against inflation, and benefit from low-risk capital growth in an asset class that has historically outpaced the stock market.

Earn credit dividends on day one and rental income as properties become operational. Share in profits from appreciation when properties are sold.