Can I cash-in unused Laurian Club credits?

What happens to my Laurian Club credits if I can’t use them during the year?

Limited Partners may offer unused credit nights to guests or consign them to the rental pool. If rented by other Investors, the operational value (vs the retail value) of the credits will be credited to the Investor’s annual operations dues. Operational value is calculated as what you paid in Annual Dues / number of Unit Credits. Example: $10,000 Dues / 100 Credits = $100 operation value per credit.

Laurian Equity Residence Club presents an opportunity to be a passive investor, earn income, realize appreciation, and use the properties; all fully serviced, managed, and maintained. It’s a good choice for those looking to co-own a second home or vacation property in any of our Laurian Club cities: Austin, Charleston, Georgetown, Hale’iwa,  Hamptons, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Napa, New York, Palm Springs, Park City, San Francisco, St. Petersburg, Taos.

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