Laurian Holdings

Investing in Laurian Holdings is the fastest way to build your real estate portfolio.  Enjoy ownership and use of multiple professionally managed  luxury homes while appreciating low-risk capital growth and income.

Limited Partnership


Laurian Club’s private real estate syndication presents an opportunity for accredited investors to purchase limited partnership interest in Laurian Holdings.

The company was organized expressly to invest in a diverse real estate portfolio that includes luxury residences, short term rental properties, and mixed use commercial property.

The Company's Investment Strategy has 3 Core Objectives:

Build a Luxury Portfolio

Acquire a high-value portfolio of luxury real estate in attractive markets at value prices, choosing properties that have potential for both short-term income and long-term appreciation.

Earn Income for Investors

Operate properties as revenue-generating assets.
Utilize multiple revenue streams, smart management practices, and key partnerships to realize optimal revenue.

Realize Profits from Appreciation

Sell the portfolio at a profit; reimbursing investors’ capital contributions , distributing a preferred return, and covering the expense of a decade’s worth of luxury travel accommodations. 


Investment Properties

The Laurian team handles every aspect of the investment process; identifying properties, analyzing deals, and managing the day-to day operations of the company and properties.

Our experienced team includes experts in  investment real estate, private equity, real estate finance, luxury property management, and 5-star hospitality.



Investors in Laurian Holdings don’t have to wait until liquidation to receive a return on their investment. Partners can utilize credit dividends to stay at Laurian and Partner properties beginning day 1.

Once properties are functioning as profitable entities, Partners will immediately begin receiving reimbursement of their capital contributions.

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