Miami Beach Condo

Miami Beach Embraces Co-Ownership

Miami Beach recently passed regulations that recognize condos and single-family homes owned by a group of investors are not short-term rentals and may exist in neighborhoods that ban such rentals. 

The new ordinance requires co-owned properties to have a local manager, available 24 hours a day, for each home in Miami Beach, as well as to comply with a code of conduct. Fractional ownership property managers will also be required to sign affidavits that condos and houses will not be rented on a short-term basis.

Miami Beach Commissioner Alex Fernandez, who sponsored the ordinance explained: “We’re proactively getting ahead of this new trend to protect residents quality of life by making sure that fractional property owners are subject to the same land use regulations as any other homeowner in the city and that we have a way to contact them to address nuisances and emergencies in a timely manner.”

Laurian Club allows like-minded individuals to pool their resources and invest in high-end real estate, unlocking access to Miami Beach’s luxurious lifestyle without shouldering the burden of full ownership. Through co-ownership, participants enjoy the benefits of shared ownership while experiencing the exclusivity and prestige associated with owning a property in this coveted location.

One of the key advantages of the Laurian Club’s co-ownership model is the flexibility it provides. Investors can choose the level of their ownership interest, tailoring it to their specific needs and preferences. This allows individuals to align their investment with their desired level of usage and financial commitment, offering a personalized approach to real estate ownership.

Laurian Club’s professional management team handles all aspects of property management, ensuring a seamless experience for co-owners. From property maintenance and concierge services to handling legal and administrative tasks, the club’s dedicated team takes care of the day-to-day operations, relieving co-owners of the typical responsibilities associated with property ownership.

Another significant advantage of co-ownership through the Laurian Club is the access it provides to a diverse portfolio of properties. Co-owners have the opportunity to enjoy multiple residences within the club’s collection, enabling them to explore different communities and experience a variety of landscapes and amenities. Laurian Club has positioned itself as an enticing option for those seeking an exclusive real estate experience in Miami Beach.

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