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If you’re headed into the city for a business meeting, gathering friends and family for a milestone celebration, or just headed out of town for some fresh air – you’ll have a place there.

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Everywhere you need to be. We all love a far-flung locale, but more often than not, we’re planning a quick getaway with friends, attending a meeting for work, or headed to a race or event. 

We’re choosing locations that are central to a variety of industries, are top travel destinations, and have proven historical appreciation.



Laurian cities provide ample opportunities for art, music, theater, shopping, and pro sports, as well as award-winning Chefs and markets that offer local cuisine you can’t find outside of a few zip codes.

You may notice our locations are close to motorsport tracks, ski slopes, and surf breaks, as those are some of our member’s favorite outdoor pursuits.



We targeted destinations that are easy to access and either in, or close to, major cities and resorts. The few locations that are farther off the grid are worth the drive.

Locations have access to major airports with direct commercial flights between major cities and Fixed Base Operators for charters and jet membership companies.



For those occasion you do want a far-flung locale, Laurian Club has partnered with THIRDHOME, the premier travel club for second homeowners who share a mindset for luxury and exploration.

By exchanging their Laurian credits for THIRDHOME keys, Members can open the doors to over 13,000 additional properties from chic city escapes to charming countryside villas and luxury yachts.

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