Forbes Names Tampa as Top Emerging Tech City in US

Rising in rankings from industry leaders, Tampa is increasingly receiving national recognition as a growing tech hub.  Fueled by a growing eco-system of new shared workspaces, incubators, and networking events where techies and entrepreneurs are able to connect with each other and investors, job opportunities on the rise at both local startups and established companies.

Over the last decade, the Tampa Bay Area has transitioned into a place that helps technology startup companies succeed, making it possible for them to show up on the national radar. Capital sources across the country have begun referring to Tampa as a top emerging market. Low housing costs and access to the amenities one finds in a larger city are also a draw.

“Florida is a great place to run a business and be an entrepreneur from a tax and cost of living standpoint, and I think people are starting to recognize that distributed work which, I think, further strengthens Tampa Bay. If you can work from anywhere, why not choose somewhere close to the beach?” – Entrepreneur Chon Nguyen (CEO, Newgentek/ Co-Founder and CEO, Fusionprep/Partner, Proper House Restaurant Group)

Here’s the story:

Emerging Tech Cities In The U.S.

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