Luftgekühlt 8 // 10.9.22


The Luftgekühlt brand is the brainchild of two-time Le Mans winner Patrick Long and noted Southern California creative director Howie Idelson.

The Luftgekühlt brand is the brainchild of two-time Le Mans winner Patrick Long and noted Southern California creative director Howie Idelson. Long couldn’t find the car experience he wanted, so with the help of his friends, they created it themselves.

Since the first gathering in 2014, the passionate core Luft team has remained intact. Driven by the love of new perspectives, the so-cal rooted team works on the brand year-round. To execute our major events globally, we retain a talented force of event production experts, creatives, car handling specialists, production staff and volunteers.

Air-cooled Porsche history is our palette, unique venues are our canvas, and you the people create the masterpieces: it’s a happening.

Luftgekühlt believes in doing things differently.
In everything we produce, we strive to create an unparalleled user experience that delivers delight through a cross pollination of authentic storytelling, engineering science, and creative art.

Coloring outside the lines. Luftegkühlt represents a fresh perspective in the fragmented landscape of car culture. As the antidote to the traditional, we upend the golf course concours with a car party anyone will savor.

We are a team that produces extraordinary experiences, focused on the cars, the people responsible for the incredible history, and the passionate community of enthusiasts and creators.
We value storytelling through creative expression and the inclusion of creatives who forge their own path. We like fresh ideas and we enjoy collaborating with like-minded people and brands.

In the Porsche vernacular, Luftgekühlt represents all of the air-cooled cars from the manufacturer’s history. This spans an extraordinary period of vehicle technical development from the company’s inception in 1931 through to 1998.
The aviation inspired air-cooled engine requires a unique configuration which creates the soul stirring sound that bonds us together.

Predictability is something we resist. Our taste is diverse but we look to tell a unique and complete story that appeals to the Porschephiles and first timers alike. We embrace the cars and owners from the full breadth of Porsche’s air-cooled history. We specially highlight not only the new kids in the scene but celebrate the most storied competition cars in existence.
Beyond the cars themselves, we feature the engineers, designers, executives, racers and builders who have sculpted perhaps the most well-loved automotive brand on the planet.

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